SETAC Sacramento

SETAC North America 39th Annual Meetingが下記の要領で開催されます。

会場:Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento, CA, USA


Nakayama K and Kitamura SI.
Proposed minimum requirements for the immunotoxicity test to assess chemically induced alteration of susceptibility to pathogen in fish.
Moeller A, Song JY, Nakayama A, Nakayama K, Kitamura SI, Segner H.
The arylhydrocarbon receptor (AhR)— a mediator of immunotoxicity in fish? AhR-signaling in immune and liver cells of rainbow trout.

Nakayama K, Lin B, Isobe T, Uno S, Handoh IC, Ohno N, Kunisue T.
ChemTHEATRE, a platform to browse the published or public data of environmental monitoring and its use for risk assessment.
Handoh IC, Kawai T, Isobe T, Ohno N, Uno S, Kunisue T, Nakayama K.
Bayesian uncertainties analysis of modelled chemical exposure of global fish community: How can ChemTHEATRE improve the performance of FATE?
Uno S, Kawano M, Isobe T, Handoh IC, Ohno N, Kunisue T, Nakayama K.
Monitoring of PAHs in shellfish after oil spill from the Sanchi tanker; comparison of polluted conditions with other spill accident using ChemTHEATRE.